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Understanding people. Transforming lives.  

Jerusalem Therapists was formed to give you a better opportunity to connect to the right therapist. Our foremost belief is that a positive personal connection between therapist and client is among the strongest agents of change in any therapeutic experience. Our team is among the best in the field at establishing this relationship in order to nurture the necessary progress through evidence-based strategies and interventions. Along with establishing the right alliance, we are intent to always give our clients a therapeutic plan for each individual's needs, abilities and budget. Our therapists work as private practitioners or in collaboration, upon request.

Ricki Leybovich


Ricki earned her degree in psychology in 2004. She has served as the psychologist in various school settings from NY to Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. Her primary work in private practice includes anxieties, OCD and bipolar disorder. She has been the head therapist at a rehabilitative institution outside Jerusalem since 2012. Ricki's extensive knowledge of current trends in psychology allows her to have a strong handle on the needs of our clients and the methods to help them achieve their goals.


24 yr. old male, Jerusalem

When I first started therapy, I couldn't even understand why I was in such a bad place. All I knew was that I wasn't functioning the way I used to, the way I wanted to. My therapist helped me attain the self-awareness to comprehend my pain and where it was coming from. And then he helped me confront and overcome those underlying issues

27 yr. old male, Jerusalem

I've been to all kinds of therapists since I was 11 years old. This is the 1st time that I can give credit to a therapist. Not only did he help me learn how to cope with and control my issues, but he got me to be more proactive in my life. I've always been told that I have a lot of potential but this is the 1st time that I'm motivated enough to tap into it

22 yr. old female, Jerusalem

The patience and non-judgmental attitude were a game changer for helping my husband and I through our issues. My therapist's extremely personable demeanor made it comfortable opening up and looking at our parts of the issues without feeling vulnerable. He addressed our defense mechanisms and helped us see what we can implement to stabilize and improve our relationship

22 yr. old male, Jerusalem

My therapist was absolutely phenomenal. I was always having relationship problems because of my temper. Through my therapy, I came to understand and internalize how my anger was destructive for my own success. We developed strategies for expecting and processing triggers while consciously choosing to react non-impulsively. I am just a much happier person inside now (and so are the people around me!)

23 yr. old female, Jerusalem

I have been given a wealth of skills and support. I was struggling with terrible anxieties when I started; but I learned how to deal with them through implementing effective techniques that have improved my daily life significantly. And I cannot give enough credit to the huge amounts of support and encouragement that I received throughout the process

20 yr. old male, Jerusalem

I was having a really hard time in social encounters for a variety of reasons. My therapist helped me develop a greater social awareness thereby allowing me to connect to people in healthier and more positive ways . My social interactions have vastly improved since then as I continue to utilize the information and skills that I discovered in therapy