Let's start with the basics....

Therapy can afford you a broad range of assistance including emotional support, cognitive/behavioral changes and enhanced interpersonal skills. It can be an experience that transforms and redirects your life. With the right therapist and the proper mindset, therapy has been proven effective in helping one overcome the "impossible" challenges of life and develop the "non-existent" characteristics that you've always wanted.  

Is therapy right for you?

For some, 4 or 5 sessions could be enough to get the job done. And for others, it can take years to achieve their goals. The most important thing is to get an honest assessment from your therapist about the expected length of therapy. This can depend on your struggle, it's duration and severity, and your own overall mindset and perspective of self. We can try to put you at ease with an approximate expectation.

How long is this going to take?

After finding numerous options of various types of mental health specialists, how can you narrow down the field to that one professional who will be most compatible for your needs? Most therapists have sufficient skills to help you overcome your struggle. Most therapists are able to connect well with their clients. But not all therapists will be the best match for your needs. Learn more about how to do this right.

Finding the right therapist - navigating the options

For the majority of clients a weekly session of 45-60 minutes is sufficient. But that just lays the groundwork for the rest of your week. Following up the session with introspection, increased awareness and incorporating strategies into your daily routine is highly encouraged to reap the greatest rewards from your therapeutic experience. These added minutes and hours are the investments into your life which will show incredible results.

How much time do I need to invest per week?

Why start now?

For some, it's the exhaustion of constantly trying to put on a happy face  in public. For others, it's the frustration of bad habits and painful routines creeping up again after you thought they've been defeated.  And for a few who have been suffering for longer than they would've ever imagined, it's the realization that outside help is needed.

Don't settle for just getting by; reclaim the life that you've always dreamed of. Join the ranks of those who are working to transform their personal hopes into reality.



 that we can help you


Maintaining positivity and hope is a vital component of therapeutic success. The guilt and pain of a disappointing or frustrating battle can push us towards despair. We are here to help revive your optimism by assuring you that we have seen incredible success among our many satisfied clients. You can experience this too. Here are some examples of the struggles that we can help you overcome:

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